In November 2008, the U.S. government's Intelligence Council released its fourth report on the future trends that might shape events and possible developments through 2025 and beyond This report was entitled Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World. The subjects addressed in this report were climate change, demographics, economics, new technologies, terrorism and the rise of China. The report's main prediction was that the world is entering a period of great instability and that we are heading for a bumpy ride.

In the introduction to the report, the chairman of the National Intelligence Council, C.Thomas Fingar, states that, " the study seeks to help readers to recognise signposts indicating where events are heading." Science fiction plays a similar role in the arts. In film and literature, the science fiction genre is well established, buit it is not in the visual arts. Could science fiction include photography, could photography make visual prophecies and be a signpost to future events?

The eight artists and photographers hosted in this exhibition use both analogue and digital techniques to challenge our expectations of what is senn in a photographic image. They use the medium of photography to make prophecies about the future. curated by Paul Wombell